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FAQ’s You Ask, We Answer

  • We use 3M manufactured adhesive film in the production of our hard hat ID’s. This adhesive is the exact type used by the 3M company in the production of there reflective tapes designed and recommended for use on fire-fighters helmets and other protective occupational safety helmets. The adhesive does not in any way degrade the performance of safety helmets.

    Our hard hat ID’s have been laboratory tested by UK helmet manufacturer, Centurion. The tests were to assess any changes resulting from the application of our product on the shock absorption and penetration resistance (+50C : -40C). Our Hard Hat ID’s and have been passed as safe to use on all helmet substrates (ABS, PE, PP & HDPE)

  • We have designed our ID tag to be resistant to the ingress of water. In the event that water does enter however, the synthetic paper ID tag inside is 100% water proof and fully retains all information stored. It can even be fully immersed for extended periods and the tag will perform and the data will be retained.

  • The ID tag is designed to be fully tamperproof. Once the written ID card is inserted into the ID sleeve and the security seal applied, any tampering will be immediately evident.

  • Each worker chooses what information they want to record. This gives the worker opportunity to record information that would be essential if they were involved in an accident but may not want to share directly with their employer. Suggested data fields are (but are not limited to) name, telephone number, employer / employers contact number, 2 x emergency contacts, medical condition, medications / allergies & medical plan / insurance details.

  • Our worker ID tags are not just for people with medical conditions. Even if you have no medical conditions or history to record, our ID tag allows you to store vital emergency contact details, ensuring that if you were involved in an accident at work, your loved ones / family can be notified of your situation immediately.

  • Your work mates know less about you than you think. Sure they’ll know your name and maybe what you did at the weekend. However are you 100% confident would they know how to contact your family, your brother, your wife, your mother if you were in an accident? Would they know about any of your medical history, if you have an adverse reaction to bee stings or if your allergic to penicillin? Likely not…

  • For rapid recognition and easy location by first responders and paramedics, fitting the ID tag on the outside of the hard hat is recommended. However there is nothing to prevent the ID tag from being fitted to the inside of the hard hat if that location is preferred.

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